Introducing our high-quality Sodium Tungstate, a chemical of significant importance in various industrial, laboratory, and medical fields. Known for its excellent purity, consistent quality, and reliable performance, our Sodium Tungstate is the preferred choice for numerous industrial and research applications.

Sodium Tungstate is an inorganic compound that is highly soluble in water, lending itself to a broad spectrum of uses. As a source of tungsten, it serves as a vital component in the production of other tungsten compounds. Its role is paramount in the manufacture of catalysts, particularly those used in the petrochemical industry, where it aids in the transformation of crude oil into usable fuel.

In the realm of laboratory and research chemicals, our Sodium Tungstate is often used as a catalyst in the epoxidation of alkenes and oxidation of alcohols into aldehydes or ketones. As a high-performance catalyst, it contributes to efficient chemical reactions, promoting higher yields and improved product quality.

Beyond its industrial and laboratory applications, Sodium Tungstate exhibits interesting pharmacological properties. It has been studied for its potential in treating conditions like diabetes, obesity, and certain cancer types, positioning it as an invaluable component in medical research.

We are committed to delivering Sodium Tungstate of the highest standard. Rigorous testing is conducted to ensure its purity, and quality controls are in place to ensure consistency in every batch you receive. Our flexible packaging options range from smaller quantities for laboratory-scale needs to bulk supplies for large industrial operations.

Choosing our Sodium Tungstate for your diverse needs means investing in a product that guarantees superior quality, reliability, and versatile functionality. Enhance your industrial processes, research, and applications with our top-tier Sodium Tungstate.


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