Unveiling our high-grade Midcut Alcohol (C12-C16), carefully engineered to cater to your varied application requirements. Esteemed for its outstanding purity, consistent quality, and versatility, our Midcut Alcohol is the prime choice for businesses aiming for exceptional results.

Midcut Alcohol (C12-C16), also known as fatty alcohol, is sourced from natural fats and oils. This product is highly valued in the personal care, cosmetics, and cleaning industries, and is a pivotal ingredient in the production of surfactants.

In the personal care and cosmetics industry, our Midcut Alcohol is an effective emulsifier, thickener, and moisturizer. It’s extensively used in the formulation of numerous products, including creams, lotions, and hair care products. It lends these products a luxurious texture while enhancing their stability and consistency.

In the cleaning industry, Midcut Alcohol (C12-C16) serves as a vital component in the production of detergents and cleaning solutions. It plays a key role in creating efficient, high-performance surfactants, which are indispensable in manufacturing a wide range of home and industrial cleaning products.

Our Midcut Alcohol is produced under strict quality control standards to ensure each batch meets the highest level of purity and consistency. We adopt stringent testing procedures to deliver a product that aligns with your precise specifications. We offer flexible packaging options to accommodate different needs, from small quantities for research and development to large amounts for industrial applications.

Choose our Midcut Alcohol (C12-C16) for its superior performance, unparalleled quality, and wide-ranging applications. Experience the distinction of a reliable, high-grade product with our premium Midcut Alcohol.

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