Unleash the power of Behenyl Alcohol 70 (C2270) in your product formulations, a high-performing fatty alcohol renowned for its exceptional versatility. With its unique physical properties and superior performance, it is a favored ingredient across multiple industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and industrial manufacturing.

In the cosmetics and personal care industry, Behenyl Alcohol 70 (C2270) is a darling amongst formulators. Its superb emulsifying and thickening properties make it an ideal ingredient for a broad range of products, from hair conditioners to moisturizing creams, serums to sunscreens. It creates a desirable velvety texture, improving the overall feel and consistency of products, making them more luxurious. Furthermore, it serves as an effective stabilizer, ensuring that your formulations remain consistently excellent throughout their shelf life.

In the realm of pharmaceuticals, Behenyl Alcohol 70 (C2270) excels as an excipient and emulsifier. Its compatibility with other ingredients and its stabilizing capabilities enhance the delivery of active ingredients, making it invaluable in the production of medications, creams, and ointments.

Beyond cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, Behenyl Alcohol 70 (C2270) has found a niche within industrial manufacturing. As a lubricant, it provides reduced friction in mechanical processes, and as a surfactant, it aids in emulsion formation, crucial in industries ranging from food processing to textile manufacturing.

Our Behenyl Alcohol 70 (C2270) is produced adhering to the highest industry standards, ensuring it is of the best quality and purity. We understand the unique needs of your business, and thus, offer a range of packaging options to meet your specific requirements.

Discover the remarkable benefits of integrating Behenyl Alcohol 70 (C2270) into your formulations today.

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