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Gensol is a perfect hazard-free chemical solution that may be used as an effective alternative to clean various pipeline segments of oil refineries and respective holding tanks. Designed to fit any particular application, GENSOL offers a number of benefits for those needing a eco-friendly way to remove the buildup of sludge or pipeline materials.

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Hazard-Free – Composed of Zero Toxic Chemicals
Fast-acting – Breaks Down Oil Within Minutes
Trusted Alternative – Abides by Environmental Laws
Reliable – Allows for 98% of oil recovery


Gensol comes in several formulas. Depending on the application of Gensol it may be customized to address issues such as the temperature of well depth or severity of sludge viscosity. In each case, before a customer requests the use of Gensol, Genoa chemists may add supplements to help increase the effectiveness of the Gensol application.


  • Completely biodegradable solvent
  • Low in toxicity for both handling purposes and

    the environment

  • Low in VOC compare to other products like paints, coatings, and cleaning solvents
  • GENSOL 1000 is a non-ozone depleting chemical with low flammability compared to chlorinated and

    petroleum products

  • Compatible with other organic solvents which allow for less contamination to occur
  • Low-cost due to its availability compared to other solvents
GENSOL 5000 
(For crude oil tank cleaning)

  • Custom designed for refinery and petroleum
  • production vessels cleaning
  • Reduces downtime
  • Provides safe alternative to “man-entry”
  • Effective industrial oil tank cleaner and bio-remediation waste cleaner
  • Reduces viscosity
  • Allows for sludge to be readily pumped
  • 98% of oil recovered

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(For oilfield)

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (E.O.R.)
  • Specifically designed to aid in the recovery of lower API gravity crude oil from difficult geology (Bituminous sandstone, tar sands, and oil shales)
  • Higher revenues and profit margins
  • Increase production
  • Unique hydrophobic/hydrophilic characteristics
  • Dissolves the napthene/paraffins that cause most of the interstitial blockages in the perforations in the producer well casing
  • Separates hydrocarbons from solids and water
  • Stays in permanent solution
  • High flashpoint

GENSOL 8000c

  • High purity (> 96%)
  • Excellent flow and low viscosity properties
  • Fast spreading agents over hydrophobic materials
  • PH stable
  • Low VOC
  • Dissolves Asphaltene
  • Direct Replacement for D-Limonene
  • Vessel cleaning and Bitumen removal

GENSOL M. Series 8100-8200

  • A WINSOR IV type single-phase microemulsion using the mesophase fluid concept
  • Thermodynamically stable
  • Translucent solution
  • Typically composed of oil, water, surfactant, and co-surfactant
  • Macroscopically homogeneous
  • Microscopically heterogeneous
  • Removal of wellbore emulsion
  • Removal of filter cake
  • Prevent formation damage
  • Lubricants, cutting oils, and corrosion inhibitors

G-IBT2 bio stimulation

  • Practical and economical alternative by supplying oxygen in a chemical form rather than mechanically
  • One treatment can keep the bacteria aerobic for days, weeks, or longer
  • IBT 2 is not, nor does it contain enzymes. It is not a biocide and does not contain formaldehyde or chlorine.
  • Completely environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous
  • Best used for treatments such as animal waste lagoons, solid reduction, and odor control
  • Prevents buildup

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Depending on your application, Gensol can be customized to address issues such as the temperature of well depth or severity of sludge viscosity.