In 2002, Genoa International Chemical LLC was formed with a team of research chemists and engineers out of a growing concern for worker exposure to toxic chemicals.

Genoa International provides products and technologies that are non-hazardous, non-regulated, recyclable, and proprietary which we believe will give you an edge over your competition and provide you with a stronger position with your clients.

These products were developed by our chemists and chemical engineers keeping in mind the strict adherence to the EPA regulations and the extremely tough cleaning jobs involving oil storage tankage, and transport storage tankage where sludge develops, cakes and then hardens and where CIP systems develop scale and calcium oxalate.

We succeed through performance, focusing on superior cleaning technologies, product access, optimized logistics, and productivity.

Over the years we have become a boutique for custom-engineered chemical solutions for customers.

Values & Vision


Passionate about innovating technologies that are safe for people and the environment.



To pioneer a new era for non-toxic, environmentally friendly chemistries and technologies.



To date we have achieved many milestones together including the prestigious award for Supplier of Year in 2009 by Phillips 66.

Keeping You Safe

Our team is committed to providing chemical cleaning solutions for the protection of your business. Connect with us to learn more about our products.