Specializing in producing chemical solutions to a wide range of industries, Genoa International is committed to quality and exceptional customer service on a global scale.



From custom blending and packaging to supply chain improvements and logistic management, Genoa International is your source for complete solutions for your applications



Discover our wide selection of non-toxic and biodegradable chemical solutions to ensure safety for your workers and the optimal performance of your equipment


Equip your oilfield, refinery, or chemical plant with quality material solutions designed to meet your needs.


Cost-effective chemical solution best for breaking down oil and composites within minutes
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Bio Nutrient

Economical alternative for supplying oxygen to prevent waste buildup and hazardous odors
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CIP Cleaning

Additive package for disinfecting equipment used in breweries and manufacturing plants
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Quality protective equipment for personnel to wear to ensure safety and sanitization for your team
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Other Products

Wide selection of fatty alcohols, acids, esters, and vegetable-based derivatives customized for you
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Who We Are

With over 20 years of experience in global sourcing and distribution, Genoa International is committed to providing quality raw material solutions for a wide range of industries. With several strategic alliances with key suppliers, every customer is guaranteed on-time delivery, superior quality products, and value-added services for their specific applications.

Our Products

From oil and gas cleaners and automotive additives to personal care products and fragrance substances, we’re your source for custom chemical reactions and blends.

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