Step up your formulation game with Midcut Alcohol (C12-14), a perfect blend of lauryl and myristyl alcohols that provides exceptional functionality across a spectrum of applications, ranging from personal care to industrial manufacturing.

In the personal care and cosmetics industry, Midcut Alcohol (C12-14) is renowned for its powerful emulsifying and emollient properties. Its silky-smooth texture enhances the sensory appeal of skincare, hair care, and other cosmetic products. Whether you’re formulating a nourishing hair conditioner, a revitalizing skin cream, or a luxurious makeup product, Midcut Alcohol (C12-14) serves as a dependable ingredient that ensures optimal consistency and stability.

For the food and beverage industry, Midcut Alcohol (C12-14) delivers superior performance as a food additive and emulsifier. It aids in achieving the desired consistency and texture, contributing to a delightful consumer experience.

The pharmaceutical industry recognizes Midcut Alcohol (C12-14) for its efficacy as an excipient and stabilizer. It enhances the controlled release of active pharmaceutical ingredients, ensuring the optimal therapeutic effect of medicinal formulations.

When it comes to industrial manufacturing, this robust blend of fatty alcohols emerges as a premium-grade surfactant and lubricant. It smoothens out mechanical processes and expedites chemical reactions, contributing to enhanced productivity and product quality.

Our Midcut Alcohol (C12-14) is manufactured adhering to stringent industry standards, ensuring superior quality and purity. We offer flexible packaging and delivery options tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Boost your product’s performance and quality with Midcut Alcohol (C12-14) and experience the perfect blend of versatility, reliability, and excellence.

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