Discover the dynamic nature of C14-16 Alcohol, a blend of fatty alcohols providing a versatile and effective ingredient for a broad spectrum of applications in personal care, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and industrial manufacturing.

C14-16 Alcohol is a prized constituent in the personal care and cosmetics realm. The unique blend of myristyl and cetyl alcohols imparts excellent emollient and emulsifying properties, making it a staple in the formulation of hair conditioners, skincare products, and cosmetics. With its ability to lend a luxuriously smooth texture, it elevates the user’s sensory experience, while promoting stable emulsions for the perfect balance of water and oil-based components in your products.

In the food and beverage industry, C14-16 Alcohol also plays a significant role as a food additive and emulsifier. It contributes to enhancing the texture and consistency of various food and beverage products, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable consumer experience.

The pharmaceutical industry leverages C14-16 Alcohol as an effective excipient and stabilizer. It enhances the stability of medicinal formulations and aids in the controlled release of active pharmaceutical ingredients, amplifying your products’ therapeutic efficacy.

As a surfactant and lubricant, C14-16 Alcohol shines in industrial manufacturing applications. It facilitates mechanical processes and chemical reactions, driving operational efficiency and product quality to new heights.

Our C14-16 Alcohol is produced adhering to the highest industry standards to deliver unmatched quality and purity. Tailor-made packaging and delivery options are available to cater to your unique business requirements.

Experience the power of versatility and effectiveness with C14-16 Alcohol and take your products to unparalleled heights of excellence. Choose C14-16 Alcohol for a multifaceted ingredient that doesn’t compromise on performance or quality.

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