Introducing our top-quality Decanol (C10 alcohol), a versatile alcohol famed for its multitude of applications across various industries – from chemical and cosmetics to plastics, fuel, and even the food and beverage sectors.

In the chemical industry, Decanol acts as an efficient solvent for a plethora of organic compounds, facilitating effective reactions and processes. It also serves as a crucial chemical intermediate, enabling the production of other chemical compounds and products.

In the realm of cosmetics and personal care, Decanol does double duty. It imparts unique, delightful fragrances to a range of products and works as an emollient, offering a smooth, silky feel to lotions, creams, and more. It enhances the consumer experience, ensuring satisfaction with every use.

When it comes to the plastics and polymer industry, Decanol serves as a useful plasticizer, imparting flexibility and malleability to plastic products, enhancing their performance and durability.

In the fuel industry, Decanol is an integral part of biodiesel production, demonstrating the sustainable potential of this versatile chemical.

Finally, within the food and beverage industry, Decanol is used as a flavoring agent, contributing to the complex profiles of various food items and beverages.

Our Decanol guarantees exceptional purity and consistent quality, making it a preferred choice across industries. Harness the versatility of our Decanol and elevate the performance of your products today.

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