As a medium-chain fatty acid, Capric Acid, also known as Decanoic Acid or C10 Acid, is a versatile compound that finds significant use across a host of industries – personal care, food and beverage, perfumery, and several industrial applications.

In personal care, Capric Acid takes center stage as a crucial ingredient in skin and hair care products. Its unique properties contribute to the moisturizing, smoothing, and rejuvenating effects that consumers seek.

Moreover, in cosmetics, it lends a velvety texture and ensures the even spread of products, making it a go-to choice for many cosmetics manufacturers. In the food and beverage industry, Capric Acid acts as a potent food additive and flavor enhancer.

As an additive, it improves the texture and extends the shelf life of products. As a flavor enhancer, it adds a unique touch to the taste profile, creating a distinctive culinary experience. The perfume industry values Capric Acid for its role in ester production and as a fragrance enhancer.

The esters derived from Capric Acid have sweet, fruity aromas, making them ideal for crafting exquisite fragrances. It also enhances the longevity and projection of fragrances. Capric Acid’s industrial applications are wide-ranging.

As a lubricant component, it helps reduce friction and increase efficiency, extending the life of machinery. In detergents, it boosts cleaning power, ensuring optimal results.

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