Bio Nutrient


Genoa’s Bio Nutrient Solution

G-IBT2 is a bio-nutrient which has been chemically engineered to be environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-hazardous. The primary purpose of this product is to create and establish an aerobic bacterial balance within the slurry ponds / lagoons utilized for collecting animal waste (manure) whereby collected waste is being consumed by the already existing bacteria.

Bio Nutrient – Case Study

Case Study Summary

In mid-2019, Genoa International Chemical approached the management staff of a cattle feedlot in Oklahoma in order to solicit and offer a cost-free trial of a proprietary product (G-IBT2)

It was found that if the bacteria are provided regular dosages of the bio-nutrients, they would consume more organic waste during the year than is added to the lagoon by the feedlot operations. This will result in each lagoon looking more like a lake, than a waste lagoon.

Benefits of Genoa’s Bio Nutrient

  • Environmental / Ecological
  • Safety (Animal and Human)
  • Catastrophic Risk Management Minimized
  • Periodic Dredging / Cleanout of Slurry Pond / Lagoons Eliminated
  • Disposal of Solids (dredging) Eliminated
  • Derived Effluents / Liquids can be used to Fertilize Hay Fields
  • Significant Operational Costs Reduction (as compared to traditional methods)

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Our bio nutrient product is designed to keep your wastewater areas free of contaminants. Get in touch with our team for your specific requirements.