Discover the dynamic functionality of Stearyl Alcohol (C18), a fatty alcohol widely recognized for its superior performance in a broad spectrum of applications spanning personal care, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and industrial manufacturing.

In the world of personal care and cosmetics, Stearyl Alcohol (C18) works magic as a standout ingredient. From hair conditioners and skincare lotions to decorative cosmetics, its high versatility shines through. As an emollient, it lends a luxuriously smooth and silky texture to products, enhancing the sensory experience for end-users. Its emulsifying abilities further facilitate the blend of water and oil-based components, ensuring homogeneity and stability in your formulations.

Stearyl Alcohol (C18) isn’t limited to cosmetic applications. In the food and beverage industry, it serves as a reliable food additive and emulsifier, contributing to the desirable texture and consistency of many foods and beverages.

In pharmaceuticals, this fatty alcohol plays a significant role as an excipient and stabilizer. It ensures the stability of medicinal formulations and aids in the efficient delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients, improving overall product performance.

In the realm of industrial manufacturing, Stearyl Alcohol (C18) excels as a high-performing surfactant and lubricant, playing a crucial role in various mechanical processes and chemical syntheses.

Our Stearyl Alcohol (C18) is produced following strict industry standards, ensuring the highest quality and purity. Catering to the varying needs of our clientele, we offer flexible packaging and delivery options.

With Stearyl Alcohol (C18), quality, performance, and versatility come together, offering you the perfect ingredient solution across various applications. Enhance your products with the power of Stearyl Alcohol (C18) today.

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