Introducing our top-tier Octyl Palmitate, also known as Ethylhexyl Palmitate (2-EHP), meticulously developed for your advanced cosmetic and personal care products. Celebrated for its superior purity, consistent quality, and excellent functionality, our Octyl Palmitate is the preferred choice for businesses seeking the best results.

Octyl Palmitate (2-EHP), an ester of 2-ethylhexanol and palmitic acid, is highly sought after in the cosmetics and personal care industry. Renowned for its remarkable emollient properties, it is commonly incorporated into a range of products, including skin care, makeup, hair care, and sun care products.

Our Octyl Palmitate serves as an exceptional skin conditioning agent, delivering a soft and silky touch to the skin. It spreads effortlessly and leaves a non-oily, smooth feel on the skin, significantly improving the overall user experience of your products.

Furthermore, Octyl Palmitate enhances the absorption of other active ingredients, contributing to the efficacy of your formulations. Its low viscosity and excellent spreading properties make it a valuable addition to various cosmetic applications, offering improved texture and feel.

Our Octyl Palmitate is manufactured under rigorous quality control standards to ensure that each batch provides the highest level of purity and uniformity. We offer flexible packaging options to meet varying requirements, from small volumes for research and development to large quantities for commercial production.

Choose our Octyl Palmitate for its superior performance, unmatched quality, and extensive applicability. Experience the benefits of a high-quality ingredient with our exceptional Octyl Palmitate.


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