Presenting our top-tier Lauryl Alcohol (C1299), specifically designed to meet your diverse application requirements. Celebrated for its remarkable purity, consistent quality, and versatility, our Lauryl Alcohol is the preferred choice for businesses aspiring for excellent results.

Lauryl Alcohol (C1299), also known as dodecanol, is a fatty alcohol derived from natural sources like palm kernel oil or coconut oil. This fatty alcohol is a crucial ingredient in the production of surfactants and is highly appreciated in the personal care, cosmetics, and industrial sectors.

In the personal care and cosmetics industry, our Lauryl Alcohol serves as an efficient emulsifier and solubilizer. It is used in the formulation of a wide array of products including soaps, shampoos, and lotions, where it functions as an emollient, spreading agent, and viscosity increasing agent. It gives these products a smooth, luxurious feel while also improving stability and consistency.

In the industrial arena, Lauryl Alcohol is employed in the production of surfactants, which are key in many processes, including detergents and industrial cleaners. Its unique properties help in the emulsification of oils and reduction of surface tension in solutions.

Our Lauryl Alcohol is produced under strict quality control protocols to ensure the highest standard of purity and consistency. We conduct rigorous testing procedures to deliver a product that aligns with your precise specifications. Our flexible packaging options cater to various needs, from small quantities for R&D to bulk amounts for large-scale production.

Choose our Lauryl Alcohol for enhanced performance, superior quality, and versatile application. Experience the benefits of a reliable, high-grade product with our premium Lauryl Alcohol (C1299).

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