Introducing our high-grade Ethylene Bis Stearamide (EBS), a versatile compound known for its exceptional lubricating and anti-static properties. Appreciated for its high purity, consistent quality, and superior performance, our EBS is a trusted choice across various industrial applications.

Ethylene Bis Stearamide is a waxy compound extensively used as a lubricant, release agent, antistatic agent, and dispersant. Its unique chemical properties make it an invaluable asset in industries such as plastics and rubber, paints and coatings, and textiles and leather.

In the plastics and rubber industry, our EBS is utilized as a high-performance lubricant and release agent. It enhances the smoothness of the processing operation and ensures easy demolding of finished products, improving operational efficiency and product quality.

In the realm of paints, inks, and coatings, our EBS functions as an effective dispersant, promoting even pigment distribution for consistent color and finish. It also aids in the production of high-gloss finishes, adding an extra touch of professionalism and aesthetics to the final product.

In the textiles and leather industry, our EBS serves as a processing aid, facilitating smoother operations and improved product finish. Its antistatic properties reduce static build-up during processing, enhancing worker safety and product quality.

Every batch of our Ethylene Bis Stearamide adheres to stringent standards for purity, consistency, and safety. Rigorous testing and strict quality controls are in place to provide you with a reliable product. We offer flexible packaging options to cater to both small-scale needs and large-scale industrial requirements.

Choose our Ethylene Bis Stearamide for your industrial needs. Experience the benefits of a high-quality, dependable, and versatile product designed to elevate your manufacturing standards.


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