Welcome to the world of top-notch performance with our superior Dioctyl Maleate (DOM), a versatile compound designed to meet and exceed your industrial needs. This high-quality chemical intermediate is a game-changer across numerous industries, boasting a wealth of applications.

DOM is the star of the show in the chemical industry, serving as an excellent plasticizer. It is incorporated into a variety of resins to impart flexibility, promoting improved performance and long-lasting durability. Whether it’s for PVC, resin, or other polymer formulations, our DOM is a staple that provides essential softening and flexibility to your end products.

In the realm of paint and coatings, DOM is highly valued as an additive. It enhances the adhesion and weatherability of paints and coatings, ensuring long-lasting results that can withstand a range of environmental conditions. Coatings enhanced with our DOM promise enduring aesthetics and function.

For the adhesive and sealant industry, DOM is a vital component in adhesive formulations. It contributes significantly to the adhesion and flexibility of adhesives and sealants, ensuring reliable and efficient bonding performance. With our DOM, expect your adhesives to deliver optimal bonding and sealing results.

In the textile industry, our DOM works as an effective sizing agent, contributing to the durability and wear resistance of textiles. It enhances the fiber’s resistance to mechanical stress, thereby prolonging the lifespan of textile products.

Our Dioctyl Maleate is manufactured under stringent quality control standards to provide top-tier performance for your needs. Boost the efficiency and quality of your applications with our reliable DOM today.


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